Call And Get An Answer

The single biggest benefit to Subway working with Lantana Communications is the ability to call a live person and address an issue. This is what I love about Lantana, there’s no runaround. The differentiator with Lantana compared to other telecom firms is their level of service. From the account manager’s initial call to the project manager’s detailed approach during implementation and service afterwards, Lantana provides a level of service that you can’t find from the big telecom companies.

From my experience, other telecommunication companies might have a cheaper price, but the level of attention and service that I witness is worth its weight in gold. The overall value makes Lantana my choice.

Khris Demedeiros Vice President of Operations
Saint Petersburg, FL

Reliable, Courteous, Prompt!

The single biggest benefit to Crosbyton ISD is Lantana’s ability to be prompt with projects and support. They are courteous and reliable when help is needed!

Lantana’s fast responsiveness sets them apart. They resolve issues, provide quotes, deliver parts and installation in a timely manner. Over the past years as a partner, their ease of doing business sets them apart.

They’re great! Their people are friendly, helpful, and willing to do whatever it takes to start, finish and support projects. Their prices are fair, and they offer many resources to their customers.

Julie Harrington Technology Director
Crosbyton Consolidated ISD

Accessible. Flexible. Technical.

The biggest single benefit to Baylor College of Medicine regarding Lantana Communications is their accessibility and flexibility. We are a small program in a large, complex university system, yet the team always treats us like we are their number one priority.

What differentiates Lantana from other companies is the time they invest to walk us through various options based on their expertise and consultative approach.

If anyone is on the fence about choosing Lantana Communications, give them a call. When we started, we didn’t have all our contracting processes in place; however, the Lantana team believed in our mission. They helped us launch despite the challenges experienced in aligning internal business procedures.

Dr. Laurel Williams Program Director
Child & Psychiatry
Baylor College of Medicine