Why did you start Lantana Communications?

I thought I could do a better job for customers and employees than what I was experiencing at my job. Frankly, I liked the idea of being my own boss with no one else to blame.

What problems were you solving?

We were seeking to provide alternative, more comprehensive solutions to what was currently available.

How has your partnership survived over the years?

Jim and I have always been focused on the same end result. To provide superior customer service while allowing our employees to provide for their families.

How did the Lantana Motto “People Buy From People” come into being?

The buzz words of “B2B” were just coming into play. That didn’t sound very personal to us. I believe we deal with people who are in business.  Relationships are important which is why we landed on our motto.

What makes Lantana Communications what it is today?

All of the people that work for Lantana!

What is a quote you live by?

Inspect what you expect.