Why did you start Lantana Communications?

After being in the industry for several years we felt like we needed the freedom ownership provided to allow us to do things the way we wanted, and thought were best practices.

What problems were you solving?

The market was changing rapidly from a “piece/parts fulfillment” to an integrated systems solution.

How has your partnership survived over the years?

Jon and I have always put our customers first, both externally and internally. I believe that commitment has translated into longevity for Lantana.

How did the Lantana Motto “People Buy From People” come into being?

We were brainstorming in a marketing meeting one afternoon and were getting frustrated with the nascent ecommerce push at the time. One of us blurted out” People Buy From People!” It stuck and I feel it is still accurate in our industry.

What makes Lantana Communications what it is today?

Our continued commitment to our customers.

What is a quote you live by?

Treat folks exactly the way you want to be treated.