VoIP: How the Technology can Enhance your Work-From-Home Experience

There is a good chance that your business may be working from home right now, or you may be considering making the switch to remote work. The uncertainty we all face amidst COVID-19 is daunting but working from home should not be. With VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) your at-home work experience can feel secure and reliable, enabling your team to feel more efficient and productive, despite the change of scenery.

When VoIP technology is implemented, your work office can essentially be moved into your home, allowing for a seamless transition. Your phone, whether a desktop device or a softphone, can function in the same way as it does in the office. You can utilize the same phone numbers as you use in the office, and you can even dial extensions and transfer calls, so you are not losing functionality.

In addition to the basic operations just mentioned, you will also be able to utilize call conferencing, voice mail functions, and advanced call handling abilities. With access to these features, your team will not lose the professionalism and efficiency of the office when operating remotely.

Another important feature of VoIP is the flexibility of the technology. You do not have to be tied to your desk, whether at home or in the office, to reap the benefits of VoIP. Location will not hinder your business’s capacity to get the job done, even when your team is on the move. Call us today to learn how Lantana’s solutions can empower your team to keep working no matter what obstacles your company may face.