State of the IoT 2018

Cradlepoint Business Intelligence Report

As IoT continues its rapid expansion, innumerable organizations will attempt IoT implementation projects. These are high-pressure projects; organizations that fail will be a step behind at best and at worst could “succeed” in implementing a solution that undermines network security, overtaxes the company’s resources, and/or doesn’t deliver true ROI.

Those that truly succeed will be poised to ride the wave of the digital transformation with even newer technologies, like future 5G wireless networks.

Here is a snapshot of where organizations currently stand with regard to IoT implementations: 32% of organizations already use IoT.

With the help of Spiceworks, Cradlepoint conducted a study designed to illuminate current IT practices and future plans. How are companies planning to use IoT technologies in the immediate future? How is that implementation taking place? Where are companies doing things right, and what best practices can IT teams use when planning and implementing IoT projects?

Spiceworks surveyed 400 IT pros in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. Respondents were all involved in some way with IoT strategy at their companies and worked for companies with at least 500 employees.

Download this report to read the findings of the study, learn how current IoT practices are being addressed, the perceptions, and infrastructure preferences. The report also offers solutions and best practices for organizations to achieve the ROI and security needed to successfully implement IoT strategies in 2018.