How Millennials are Shaping the Desktop Experience

By 2020, 50% of the global workforce will be millennials. You might read that and think “so what?” However, millennials represent a larger shift in the workplace toward a new set of needs and wants so it’s critical for you to help educate your customers. According to Avaya’s 2018 State of the Desktop, research reveals that younger workers are more likely to use their personal mobile phone for work communications, and are more likely to be in a position without a fixed office. Additionally, because younger workers have grown up in a world where they can personalize their own devices, they have similar expectations for the devices they use for their work communications.

So why should your customers care what millennial workers want? Well, it is important to remember that employee experience drives customer experience. The same generation of employees are also consumers. If companies are not communicating with end users the way they want you to communicate, they are losing business.

In today’s always-on, always-connected world, employees and consumers alike communicate on multiple devices, from different locations, and want a consistent interface for their communications. Not only have the means of communications changed and expanded, but the expectations of the quality and efficiency of communications has increased. With 43% of employees considered either mobile or remote, and working away from their team and office some of the time, companies need communications solutions to keep employees productive from any location, able to communicate effectively with team members, and engaged with customers.

Lastly, as the need for more adaptable and effective communications increases, your customers’ IT and communication budgets are more strained than ever. Companies have to find a way to do more with less, but keep teams working efficiently and delivering excellent customer service. That is where you come in! Your customers rely on your expertise to recommend the right UC solution and devices that are essential for their success. With today’s technology advancements, there are many options that can help make up this solution. One, for example, is Avaya’s IP Office solution, delivering business communications systems to solve all of these common problems.

With the announcement of Avaya IP Office Release 11, Avaya continues to innovate and enhance its market-leading solution serving over 26 million users. Introducing new clients, new devices, new reporting solutions, and continued cloud evolution, it is no wonder IP office R11 is the most anticipated release to date!

Brand new to IP Office, Avaya Call Reporting enables customers to track and report on every call without deploying a complete contact center solution. Avaya Call Reporting uses 50+ standard reports and includes the ability to create custom reports tailored to fit your customers’ needs.

The new features of R11 are complemented by new endpoints, including Avaya Vantage and J100 Series phones, providing refreshed devices to drive sales and migration opportunities.

All of the expanded capabilities of R11, ease of use, and increased security are available regardless of whether on an on-premise, hybrid, or cloud deployment!

As the IT landscape evolves, IP Office continues to evolve alongside it, providing businesses the communications and collaboration they need to make fast decisions, improve customer service, and reduce costs.